RoadRunnerzz is Event Management arm of the Alliance Myanmar Broadcasting Group (AMBG) Company.

The parent Company AMBG is establishing itself as a Multi Media Company Group currently and has a Television Broadcasting and Management Agreement with Ministry of Agriculture for Managing, Programing, Production and Promotion of the Farmer Channel broadcasting on MRTV platform.

AMBG is also conducting Music Streaming business and plan to have FM Radio Broadcasting when Media Council rules are in place and license are available.

RoadRunnerzz is Myanmar based entertainment company since 2008. RoadRunnerzz Entertainment itself has organized Myanmar new year water festival events for following consecutive years.

  • 2008 – RoadRunnerzz @ Inya Road
  • 2009 – God Theatre @ Inya Road
  • 2010 – God Theatre @ Pyay Road
  • 2011 – God Theatre @ Kan Daw Gyi
  • 2012 – RoadRunnerzz @ Kan Daw Gyi
  • 2013 – RoadRunnerzz @ Kan Daw Gyi
  • 2014 – God Theatre @ Kabar Aye Road
  • 2015 – God Theatre @ Kabar Aye Road
  • 2016 – God Theatre @ Corner of Parami Road & Pyay Road

For these years, RoadRunnerzz entertainment has organized Myanmar new year water festival events with famous local DJs and rock bands till 2015. In 2016, RoadRunnerzz took the first step by getting Yves V and Wolfpack.

Being the one and only entertainment who can organizes Thingyan Festival (Water Festival) for a decade, we are now aiming RoadRunnerzz Music Festival to be the No.1 Music Festival in Myanmar.